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1.  Erasmus Coordinator for Incoming ERASMUS Students
2.  Important information for 2012-2013 incoming students
3.  Information for Incoming ERASMUS Students.

1.  Erasmus Coordinator for Incoming ERASMUS Students

LLP/Erasmus Coordinator for the Computer Science Degree: Prof. Diego Martín

  • Email: diego.martin(at)ajz.ucm.es
  • Phone: + 34 91 8099200 ext. 252
  • FAX: + 34 91 8099200
  • Address: Despacho de Profesores IV. Edificio Isabel de Farnesio. C/ Capitán 39. 28300 Aranjuez (Madrid) SPAIN

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2.  Important information for 2012-2013 incoming students

Since the academic year 2010-2011, all the Universities in spain have adapted their degrees to the new European Space for Higher Education requirements. In our case, this process has led to two man actions:

  • The Universidad Complutense de Madrid has decided to gradually close our old 3-year Computer Science Degree.  As this process is close to the end, during the academic year 2012-2013 we will have only the exams in our old degree, no courses will be taught.
  • At the same time, we are establishing a new 4-year degree in Computer-based Business Administration: http://gie.cesfelipesegundo.com/. This degree offers a combination of computer engineering and business-related subjects. During the academic year 2012-2013, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year courses are being taught.
As a result, the 2012-13 incoming Erasmus students to Computer Science will only be able to take:
Please contact the Computer Science Erasmus Coordinator (Diego Martin, diego.martin(at)ajz.ucm.es) for further information and assistance.

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3.  Information for Incoming ERASMUS Students.

We are pleased to receive Erasmus students at the Computer Science School (http://itis.cesfelipesegundo.com/) of the CES Felipe II (http://www.cesfelipesegundo.com/), center affiliated with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (http://www.ucm.es/). We want these students from abroad to find a strong and dynamic University with an exciting and inspiring environment. Our campus is located at Aranjuez, a mid-sized town in a beautiful river valley about 45 km south of Madrid. It is a safe and peaceful city of about 50.000 inhabitants, which has been recently added to the privileged list of World Heritage Cities (http://www.aranjuezcultural.es/paisajecultural/index.htm). You can find more information about Aranjuez in http://www.aranjuez.com/ and http://www.arannet.com/turismo.htm

In order to prepare your Erasmus stay at our University for the second semester you must follow the instructions found at http://www.ucm.es/dir/1015.htm. First the student has to fill the Erasmus Registration Form, which will be available at http://www.ucm.es/info/descargas/?Application from:


  • March 30th till June 30th, for those coming the 1st semester and the full year.
  • Mid October till November 30th, for those coming the 2nd semester.
Please contact our Erasmus Coordinator (Prof. Diego Martin, diego.martin(at)ajz.ucm.es) to get a valid username and password for the Registration Form.


Once registered, a Proposed Study Programme / Learning Agreement is also needed, including all courses you are planning to follow at our School. All our academic information is available at the Course Catalog section (in English). More information (in Spanish) can be found in http://itis.cesfelipesegundo.com/secciones.php?name=Asignaturas.


It is very important for Incoming students to carefully read and understand the following specific information:

1.- As you already know our classes are given in Spanish, but if it is easier for you, at the beginning you will be able to talk to your future professors also in English. We also have a few students fluent in both Spanish and English. They will be very pleased to help you during your first days here at Aranjuez.

2.- Regarding the academic calendar, it is published and updated at http://itis.cesfelipesegundo.com/secciones.php?name=Oficiales.

  • The classes for the first semester start at the end of September and they finish at the end of January.
  • The classes for the second semester start at the middle of February and they finish at the end of May.
  • After each semester we have around three weeks for the final examinations.

3.- Those who apply must demonstrate and adequate knowledge of the Spanish language, given that all classes are given in Spanish. A CEF (Common Europen Framework) B1 Level is advised. As such, it is recommended that they sign up for the free Spanish Course at the beginning of each semester, both to improve their knowledge of the language and to familiarise themselves with the many university activities. PLEASE REMEMBER it is important you mark if you want the Spanish Language Course when applying ON LINE. Forms sent to any other office would not be considered.

4.- With regard to accommodation, unfortunately our main University (UCM) manages only a student residence in the city of Madrid. Then, as our campus is located at Aranjuez, Incoming students may stay from the first day here in Aranjuez, or in Madrid for the Spanish course the first two weeks of February and then come to Aranjuez the rest of the semester. What Erasmus students usually do once in Aranjuez is to rent an single or duoble room in a shared appartment or even a whole flat, depending on their preferences and budget. As an estimate, a standard single room in a shared flat costs around 250-300 euros/month. The CES Felipe II has a list of rooms and flats available for renting, including their price and characteristics at http://www.cesfelipesegundo.com/documentos/Bolsa%20Vivienda/BOLSA%20VIVIENDA.pdf

Although the accommodation is responsibility of each student, we are willing to help you arrange it. Once the registration process is finished, please let our Erasmus Coordinator (Prof. Diego Martin, diego.martin(at)ajz.ucm.es) know what your preferences about accommodation are, so he can help you to make a reservation. Some students prefer to stay the first days at a hostal or small hotel (around 40-50 euros/day, information in http://www.infohostal.com/guia/madrid/aranjuez/1753/alojamiento/hostales.html) and then to personally select the room or flat before renting it. Aranjuez is not a large city (http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=Aranjuez,+Spain), but it could be also helpful for you to see the situation of the flats and their distance to our building using our Google-Maps-based tool in http://itis.cesfelipesegundo.com/secciones.php?name=Varios.

Please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Diego Martin, diego.martin(at)ajz.ucm.es for further information.

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